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OK. So yes I know I haven’t written anything yet, but in all truth, nothing worth writing about actually happened. I went to Iceland, it was amazing, I climbed a mountain and some glaciers. I went to Switzerland, killed my legs taking a five hour hike. I went to Munich and watched a HUGE coo-coo clock make noise and spin for like 20 minutes. *rolls eyes* Then I went to Berlin, I went into the Blackriver Store in berlin (its a little shop where they sell mini skateboards and have mini skateparks and stuff, its dorky, but I spent six hours there. So ya.) Then I went to Salzburg and saw an old fortress thingy, kinda cool. After that, I went to Venice, did a lot of walking, it was pretty cool, but I wouldn’t go back. And I know my grammar sucks, don’t hate. Then I went to lake Garda there was nice water and I would totally go back there again, and again. Anyway, after Lake Garda, I went to Florence, I HATED that, too many naked statue people. Uhhhhhh yeaaaaa…..Anyway, after THAT I went to Rome, I LOVED ROME!!!! So now comes the more detailed writing, any further writing after Rome will be as detailed as this Rome passage. OK? OK.

Here we go: Rome was awesome! When we arrived off the train it was hot and annoying and all of us were tired (Me, Mom, Becky, and Kaitlyn, who joined us in Munich) so we went to our apartment and LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT THAT APARTMENT OH. MY. GOD. IT WAS SO AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL. WE HAD A VIEW OF SOME CHAPEL THINGY (Sistine Chapel) FROM OUR PORCH ON THE TOP FLOOR. THERE WAS BRICK AND STUFF ON THE WALLS IT WAS SO COOOOOLL. I WANT TO LIVE THERE.

So, after we got settled all of us rested, I played on my phone and tanned my white pasty stomach in the sun on our porch. While I was on the porch a bee landed next to me and anyone that knows me right now is like, “Oh and then she ran away screaming.” WELL, NO I DIDNT! The bee was chilling with me, he was my little buddy, I took some pics, it was fun. Don’t ask. Anyway, later that night we all went out to dinner at this fancy place……and I may or may not have had a fancy drink with Bourbon in it….yea, no one kill me please. Let me tell you, I slept like a rock when we got home though.

The next morning we all got up late and later ended up going to the Sistine chapel after running around in taxis and going to the wrong place like 5 times (only once but still). THE SISTINE CHAPEL THING WAS SO BORING I THOUGHT I WAS GONNA DIE OMGGGG. IT WAS SO HOT AND I HAD TO WHERE LONG PANTS AND SOMETHING THAT COVERED MY SHOULDERS BECAUSE OF THE FRICKEN DRESS CODE THEY HAD FOR THIS ‘HOLY PLACE’ THE ONLY HOLY THING IN THERE WAS MY HUSHED VOICE SAYING, ‘HOLY CRAP ITS SO FRICKEN HOT IN HERE IM GONNA DIE’ Anyyywayyyy, that sucked it was too hot and everyone knows how I do in heat. All the art really wasn’t my thing either. So that wasn’t fun.

After that experience we went to the Colosseum, THAT WAS AMAZING!!! I learned about the history of it in school, so I was very informed. PLUS I GOT TO SEE WHERE THAT COOL SCENE IN THE MOVIE JUMPER WAS FILMED. I WAS SO HAPPY AND I WOULDN’T SHUT UP ABOUT THE JUMPER THING. But I loved the Colosseum and would gladly go back.

Then, we made our way back home on the bus after eating dinner and dessert. And this morning me and mom got up, packed, said our goodbyes, and left for the train to the Amalfi Coast. And that brings us to current time because I’m on the train as I am writing this. So I hope you enjoyed the update on my life. I miss you all, and give my love to my family and friends.

Until the next place, see ya later!

Author: Laney Michael

I love TV, and tuning out the world with either loud dubstep, Metallica, Def Lepard, or Five Finger Death Punch (My father is VERY proud of my music choice) So ya.

11 thoughts on “Writing out of Rome”

    1. Hi Laney,
      I am glad your enjoying the sites,sounds awesome…We hope you keep safe,miss you too. Sounds to me you have many memorues still to come. Love You Aunt Nonny

  1. Laney I loved your blog. It was so much fun getting a young perspective of your travels. I agree! Didn’t care for the Sistine Chappel. It was too hot and too crowded with pushy people. Loved the Colossium too! Keep having fun!

  2. Speaking of naked things in Italy…
    Didcha notice you can buy penis pasta? I went to Rome for business once and my kids asked for “funny shaped pasta”to be brought back. Well guess what I accidentally bought? Served them both a plate of it and when Alex said, “These are funny looking towers.” I realised what they were and replied in a high pitched voice, “Yes aren’t they? Now eat them up quick!” Italians are so quirky.

    1. That’s hilarious. I did see some interesting aprons. David ‘as is’ and David ‘enhanced’. Lol. Also penis shaped limoncello bottles. Lol.

  3. Great to hear from you Laney! Even though some of these places seem boring, you will appreciate seeing them some day. 🙂 I had mixed enthusiasm when I went to France but now love it. We missed you at Knoebels! Hopefully mom showed you some pix from facebook. Xoxo be safe.

  4. Wow and lots of LsOL! I could totally tell I was reading your post – great voice, Laney! So, a special connection with a bee, seeing the filming location of a great movie scene, having to follow a dress code to see some church (damn Catholics – wink!), naked statues (in church, too!?), great food, being on the Audobahn (spelled wrong, I’m sure!) and so much more! How are you keeping track of all these?! Seriously, I’d be afraid I’d forget so much! Quick question: Where was the picture of the door w/ spiral staircase taken (from your mom’s Venice posting)? …Keep keeping us up on how you are experiencing your travels! Miss you!

    1. Hi Dianne! The spiral staircase is in Rome – in Vatican City, actually. The smallest country in the world. As you are leaving the Sistene Chapel. Hopefully I posted it in the right place. I will Check. It blurs a bit 😊 I would not be surprised if I made a few mistakes.

    2. Ha! I haven’t posted Rome yet. There is a spiral staircase there too. Honestly I would have to look at a map to tell you where it was. One of those pics I pulled from google.

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