A question I am asked all the time!

“What are you most excited for?”

A: Well, that’s a hard one and even though I am asked this all the time my answer hasn’t changed. I am excited for all of it! There is no one thing I want to see/do/experience but in a “big picture” way of answering; I want to learn the cultures, see the people and what they do differently, and experience the things that I haven’t done before! We live our lives in a cage, not venturing beyond the walls of our own borders, metaphorically and literally. The borders of finance and home, and the political borders of our states, countries, and continents. So, I know how lucky and grateful, I am. Although, I was, and still am scared of what I will be experiencing, some say that is crazy, how could I be nervous standing at the threshold of a once-in-a-lifetime experience? To which I say, “Life itself is the experience, and I was nervous, to begin with.” Even before I learned I was going on a freaking world trip!



Author: Laney Michael

I love TV, and tuning out the world with either loud dubstep, Metallica, Def Lepard, or Five Finger Death Punch (My father is VERY proud of my music choice) So ya.

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